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15 Septiembre 2018 a 01:41
09 Septiembre 2018 a 00:51
12 Julio 2018 a 01:47
24 Junio 2018 a 23:00
28 Marzo 2018 a 22:31
23 Febrero 2018 a 15:14
20 Julio 2017 a 22:33
Dream place..
31 Marzo 2017 a 22:59
Is this real?
09 Febrero 2015 a 12:09
The most beautiful sunset
03 Febrero 2015 a 11:32
09 Diciembre 2014 a 12:02
06 Septiembre 2014 a 12:16
Summer nails
29 May 2014 a 19:57
In this nail tutorial I show a summer inspired nail art. Summer nails have influence of sea, seashells and starfish combined in a cute mix and match manicure with a hint of sparkly glitter polish as an accent. Enjoy! :)
These summer nails are a perfect nail art for summer. In this nail tutorial I show gorgeous mix & match summer nails - perfect nail art to rock this summer. ...
07 May 2014 a 10:51
11 Abril 2014 a 08:33
03 Abril 2014 a 20:56
03 Abril 2014 a 15:24
03 Abril 2014 a 18:24 - Dany Lombardi
Seatac Airport Parking
18 Enero 2014 a 04:33
Ajax Parking RUs provides Seatac Airport Parking with 24/7 shuttle service to meet your needs. Reservation are available for this Seatac Airport Parking, the rates are very affordable and your car will always comes back in great condition. Check out for more information about their services.
Ajax Seatac Airport Parking, Seattle Airport Parking, Seatac Shuttles, Seattle Tacoma International Airport, Ajax Airport Parking
Seattle Tacoma off airport parking lot 24/7 shuttle service to and from SeaTac, open 24 hours.
05 Septiembre 2013 a 13:41
This Is Your Brain on Facebook
02 Septiembre 2013 a 18:08
This Is Your Brain on Facebook
That little zing you get when someone “likes” your picture or sings your praises on Facebook? That's the reward center in your brain getting a boost. And that response can predict how much time and energy you put into the social media site, according to new research.
Your Facebook 'Likes' May Be More Revealing Than You Think
A study shows that what you 'like' on Facebook can predict, with remarkable accuracy, everything from your race to your sexual orientation, political affiliation and personality type.
Frontiers | Nucleus accumbens response to gains in reputation for the self relative to gains for others predicts social media use | Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Our reputation is important to us; we’ve experienced natural selection to care about our reputation. Recently, the neural processing of gains in reputation (positive social feedback concerning one’s character) has been shown to occur in the human ventral striatum. It is still unclear, however, how individual differences in the processing of gains in reputation may lead to individual differences in real-world behavior. For example, in the real-world, one way that people currently maintain their reputation is by using social media websites, like Facebook. Furthermore, Facebook use consists of a social comparison component, where users observe others’ behavior and can compare it to their own. Therefore, we hypothesized a relationship between the way the brain processes specifically self-relevant gains in reputation and one’s degree of Facebook use. We recorded functional neuroimaging data while participants received gains in reputation, observed the gains in reputation of another person, or received monetary reward. We demonstrate that across participants, when responding to gains in reputation for the self, relative to observing gains for others, reward-related activity in the left nucleus accumbens predicts Facebook use. However, nucleus accumbens activity in response to monetary reward did not predict Facebook use. Finally, a control step-wise regression analysis showed that Facebook use primarily explains our results in the nucleus accumbens. Overall, our results demonstrate how individual sensitivity of the nucleus accumbens to the receipt of self-relevant social information leads to differences in real-world behavior.
Employers: Facebook Party Pics Don't Always Reflect Employees' Bad Judgment
Screening potential job applicants using their Facebook posts sounds like a good way to weed out irresponsible slackers. But drunken or stoned pictures may not tell the whole story.
Seaside loving
11 Agosto 2013 a 20:07
19 Marzo 2013 a 08:59
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